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Structural Repair Services In Omaha

Restore The Structural Integrity Of Your Property

Your foundation not only carries the weight of your structure. It protects it from water damage, soil movements, seismic activity and other environmental factors. When compromised, it puts all building occupants and assets at risk.

At NMG Contracting, we offer end-to-end structural repair services in Omaha to restore the safety and stability of your property. Do you own an old structure? We will help you strengthen it to extend its lifespan and ensure it meets all safety standards.

When Should You Consider Structural Restoration Services?

If you notice any of the following issues on your property, it’s time to give our Omaha structural repair contractors a call.

Our Structural Restoration Services In Omaha Are Comprehensive

Our structural damage repair contractors in Omaha work with a high level of skill and precision to ensure that your foundation is repaired properly and stands the test of time.


When we see signs of foundation settlement, we will add an extra layer of support to your foundation by extending it deeper into the ground or adding more support structures.

Soil Stabilization

Our structural repair contractors in Omaha will treat the soil beneath your foundation using chemical injections or compaction methods to improve its load-bearing capacity and accommodate changes in moisture levels.

Foundation Replacement

If your foundation is too damaged to be saved or is too structurally unsound to be repaired, we will entirely remove it and install a new one to restore the stability of your property.

Wall Reinforcement

When your walls show signs of instability due to movement in your foundation, our structural repair contractors in Omaha will add steel beams or braces to reinforce them to prevent bulging, bowing or collapse.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

If traditional structural reinforcement is impractical, especially in areas with space constraints, we apply carbon fibre strips with epoxy resin adhesives in areas prone to stress and movement.

Seismic Retrofitting

We will add structural enhancements to your building to minimize the risk of structural damage and collapse during earthquakes, especially if you own an old building.

Moisture Control

Our structural repair contractors in Omaha implement moisture control measures such as waterproofing your foundation, sealing cracks and improving drainage to prevent water damage.

Crack Repairs

Our structural repair contractors in Omaha fill and seal the cracks in your foundation to prevent them from progressing and minimize the possibility of water infiltration.

Our Approach To Structural Restoration In Omaha Is Straightforward

Property Assessment

Give us a call to schedule a visit. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine the extent of damage obligation-free.

Repair Plan

Based on our findings, we will create a detailed structural damage repair plan with a transparent estimate of how much it will cost you.


If you’re happy with the plan, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork to get a permit for your structural repairs if it is needed for your project.


We will source all the construction materials needed, mobilize our team and get the repair work done at fast turnarounds without compromising the integrity of your build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation repairs can take anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks depending on the extent of damage, repair technique and whether tunnelling and other groundwork are required. Connect with us, and we will give you a more accurate timeline once we take a look at your property.
The cost of our services depends on several factors, including the severity of the damage, repair work to be done, cost of materials and more. Reach out to us, and we will assess the extent of your structural damage and give you a transparent and detailed estimate of your costs.
That depends on the cause of the damage. We recommend that you review your policy or, better yet, contact them to understand what’s covered. Rest assured, we will be here to help you by providing you with all the paperwork you need to support your claims process.
If it is a case of minor repairs, you won’t have to do so in most cases. However, you may need to move your belongings to another place if major repairs are required.

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